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*Covid-19 Update*

To all myBJJ students,

myBJJ is committed to the health and wellbeing of all our students, parents & staff.
Given the current situation and the gym being temporarily closed, myBJJ have designed flexible ways in which students can handle their memberships.

1) Instructional Videos
We will appreciate any students who support myBJJ by keeping their accounts active during this period. For all active students during this time, we will be providing instructional videos (via Whatsapp).

– For students on a once per week membership, you will be receiving 1 Instructional video per week.
– For students on a twice per week membership, you will be receiving 2 instructional videos per week.
– For students on an unlimited per week membership, you will be receiving 6 instructional videos per week.

All students who remain active, will receive on-going training support & will be regarded as the most loyal of students.

2) Make Up Sessions
For parents or students that wish to keep their account active for the period in which we are closed, we can offer additional “make-up” sessions. For example, if you miss 2 lessons, you can attend 2 extra lessons when the gym re-opens. Make up sessions have an expiry of 1 month after the date of the original class which was missed.

3) Training Fees Reduced
50% of your membership fee will be reduced for the duration of our gym’s closure, once we reopen your fee will remain at 50% for the same amount of time in which we were closed. For example, if the gym closes on the 1st of April for 2 weeks, you will pay only 50% of your membership until the 29th of April.

4) Placing your account on Hold
Students who do not wish to remain active during this time can place their memberships on hold by sending an email to Hold requests will be processed as soon as possible during this time. Please note, as per the membership agreement with myBJJ Team, every account reactivation will incur a $5.50 admin fee.

Please email with your preferred option.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Once again, we appreciate & thank everyone’s ongoing support.

Stay safe,

myBJJ Team.