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All of our instructors are available for personalised, one on one lessons with students.

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Mario Sergio Yokoyama – Head Instructor

Rafael ‘Gordinho’ Correa de Lima – Mentor Instructor

Salvador Japon Jr – Instructor

Diogo Morgado – Instructor

Martin Doyle – Instructor

Liliane Pereira – Instructor

Amy Campbell – Instructor

Gian Adamo – Instructor

Jon Wood – Instructor

Kangjin Choi – Instructor

Greg Cleary – Instructor

Ben Gottlieb – Instructor

Morgan Kennedy – Instructor

Toshi Miyazawa – Instructor

Erica Arai – Receptionist

Matt Lim – Instructor

Aiden Thurloe – Instructor

Damien Tanura – Instructor

William Neubecker – Instructor

Kyle Williams – Assistant

Joseph Acebedo – Assistant

Nathaniel Gomez – Instructor

Daniella Skantzos – Assistant

Ben Smith – S&C Instructor / Assistant

New Zealand

Stuart Marks – Principal Instructor: Dunedin

Phil Lindsay – Senior Instructor: Dunedin

David Davies – Assistant Instructor: Dunedin

James Cherrie – Senior Instructor: Whangarei

Shane Winterton – Assistant Instructor: Nelson


Roberto ‘Betinho’ Yokoyama – Senior Instructor: Brazil/Japan

Fabio Aquio – Instructor

Joseph Davis, Instructor: Okinawa

Kentaroh Kobayashi – Instructor