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Instructor Certificate

Do you want to become a myBJJ Instructor? We will teach you how to become one. myBJJ Team holds weekly instructor training classes, open to anybody holding a Blue Belt or higher.
In this class, we will cover:

  • Specific Techniques for Kids
  • Learning Methodology
  • Jiu-Jitsu Philosophy
  • Detailed Fundamental Techniques

Even if you are not going to become a volunteer Instructor, you will get more detailed information about our Programs. If you want to volunteer as a coach for our Programs, even better! Our Program Instructors will have benefits such as free passes to special classes, discounts for merchandise, private classes, plus all the in depth knowledge that you will acquire.

We will teach you how to become a legitimate my BJJ Instructor, and this will definitely help your personal Jiu-Jitsu development. Teaching is one of the best methods to improve your techniques. Whether you teach kids or adults, it doesn’t matter- you learn by teaching.